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Construction Safety

Pro-Active Safety Services is the strongest player in the construction industry when it comes to health and safety. No challenge is too great, no detail is too small. Whether your project involves building office blocks, installing wind turbines, fitting bridges or moving massive loads, we will partner with you to ensure that it’s completed safely and in full compliance with health and safety regulations from concept to completion. Involvement need not stop when the building work is finished – our health and safety expertise often continues into the operational phase of the development.


Pro-Active Safety Services collaborates with your construction or design team at the various project stages, making sure that all activity is safely conducted and that the project complies with all health and safety regulations. Our goal is to deliver safe construction projects.

Construction Safety


From the start, we collaborate with your design team on health and safety issues in project design and highlight the impact of design decisions. We assist with risk assessments and compile all other site-specific health and safety documentation.
We can take on the PSCP role for your project to supervise health and safety at the planning stage. In short, we ensure that the health and safety aspect of your project is to the fore from the very beginning.

Proactive Health & Safety Services Ltd


At the tendering stage, we examine sub-contractors’ documentation and legal compliance. We compile health and safety documentation such as construction stage plans, risk assessments and preliminary health and safety plans.

We can also look after your project safety induction training and all that it involves.


During construction, Pro-Active Safety Services monitors work and carries out detailed safety audits to ISO45001 standard – we are IOSH, FETAC and SOLAS accredited. We ensure legal obligations are achieved without affecting your productivity or completion dates. We can also take on the role of Project Supervisor Construction Stage (PSCS) to oversee all safety aspects of your project.
Pro-Active Safety Services covers and protects every aspect of your construction project – your interests are our interests from concept to completion.

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Event Safety Management

Whether you’re planning a small-scale event or a massive international conference, the safety of your attendees is of utmost importance.
The team at Proactive Health & Safety Services Ltd knows how stressful events planning can be, which is why we offer comprehensive, professional event safety management services for commercial clients of all types.

Our team of professional health and safety consultants are experts when it comes to event safety, offering advisory and consultancy services to guide you throughout the events planning process. As well as our advisory services, we can be present at events to ensure the smooth running of all safety procedures, liaising with local authorities, the HSE and Gardai to ensure that all aspects of your event are safe, compliant and properly documented.

Our services can help you before, during and after the events planning process, ensuring that your event runs smoothly and safely while remaining legally compliant and enjoyable for all.
Proactive Health & Safety Services Ltd’s event safety management services are renowned across the globe, working as the safety officers for several high-profile, prestigious and famous events across the world for the last decade.

Event Safety Management

Our Events Safety Management Services Include:

Event Management
Traffic Management
Evacuation Planning
Food Safety
Structural Safety
Garda Control
Public Parking
Daily Debriefing
Liaising with the Gardai, HSE, public councils etc
Location Safety
Crowd Safety
Training Records
Fire Safety
Special Needs Facilities
Camping Safety
Unplanned Implementation and Changes

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General Health & Safety Training Courses

Proactive Health & Safety Services Ltd provide general health and safety courses that are designed to develop participants' knowledge and awareness.

Catered to a wide variety of professions, our general health and safety courses will enable attendees to increase their competency and awareness with regards to risk management and safety.

The focus of our health and safety course is to help employers identify and implement suitable control measures that mitigate the risk of injury or illness to employees.

On completion of our courses, attendees will receive a Proactive Health & Safety Services Ltd health and safety certificate that certifies their successful completion of theoretical assessments.

General Health & Safety Training Objectives

General Health & Safety Training Objectives

Accident recording and reporting
Duties of managers and supervisors
Hazard identification
Preventative strategies
Risk assessments
Consequences of non-compliance
Good health and safety practices
Responsibilities of Staff


Attendees will receive a Health & Safety certificate upon successful completion of their respective course

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I repeat a manual handling course?

Manual handling course should be completed every 3 years especially if you work in an industry such as construction where manual handling is an everyday occurrence.

How much does construction safety training cost?

The price of construction safety training varies greatly depending on what course you’re taking. Call Proactive Health and Safety Services for a quote on all construction safety training programmes today.

How do I make my event health and safety compliant?

If you are planning an event, the best way to ensure that it is health and safety compliant is to hire a professional. Proactive Health and Safety Services offers event management safety services to commercial clients in Ireland and worldwide.

What does an event safety officer do?

An event safety officer assesses the health and safety risks of an event, overlooks all health and safety practises for an event, and draws up surveys and reports about the health and safety risks for an event.

Should I book my staff onto a health and safety course?

Yes, absolutely. Not only will your staff be able to identify and manage risk, it is also a legal requirement to ensure all employees are safe in their respective workplaces.

What is abrasive wheels training?

Abrasive wheels training relates to the education of individuals on how to mount and operate abrasive wheels such as angle grinders, bench grinders and con-saws. Attendees will learn how to operate equipment safely and in compliance with statutory requirements.

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